• International relocations mean a change in terms of working life, culture and obviously where employees and their families call home.
    However, the nature of international relocation is changing faster than ever and the international assignments are shorter and more frequent than some years ago.
    While there have been significant changes for employees relocating in the last decade, the countless positive opportunities an international move opens up for them and their families remain constant.
    The employees gain invaluable experience and respect within the company, children are able to learn in a multinational classroom and partners can also explore career and opportunities in a foreign land.
    Moving abroad will bring them a common experience of a life in a different culture.
    Our Relocation Agency, Organicity, will help you with all the tough affairs: house hunting, temporary accommodation, school location assistance for school age children, red tape matters, housekeeping search, advice tips regarding the new home city, departure program, etc… Please feel free to contact us: and our English and French speaking staff will help you to make your arrival in Barcelona smoother.
    Organicity is a Lifestyle Management Boutique Agency in Barcelona specialized in offering “tailor made” luxury services to local and international customers.
    Our “savoir faire” and good knowledge of the best places and luxury experiences in Barcelona are our strengths.
    We kindly invite to visit our website: for further information.


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