Organicity is an agency that provides exclusive Personal Assistant services to supply exclusive services to those who come to Barcelona as well as for local customers who need an extra hand in their daily work.

    Our experience is the result of giving support to management teams of several major multinational companies for almost two decades. For us, discretion, savoir faire and high professional standards are the foundation of our work.


    Contact us by email telling us what your needs are.

    We will then contact you to make sure we know all the details in order for us to adapt to your demands and budget. Once our dossier and budget are ready, we will send it to you informing you of our conditions


    Nowadays in our society time is an increasingly precious commodity, so at times it is necessary to have the help of a luxury concierge whom we can confide in completely to help us solve those jobs which we cannot fulfil. Our professional help will take care of your orders as well as any administrative and bureaucratic formalities you may have. We can take care of your errands including the purchase of special gifts, which will be conducted with the utmost care and exclusivity.


    Barcelona is a thriving city, and many professionals arrive accompanied by their families, as well as students who wish to further pursue their studies, transferring their residence to this city.

    Our agency can assist you with both finding the accommodations that best suit your requisites, as well as with all the necessary steps to make the move and become a resident. Leave it to us to find a school for your children, the best after-school activities, and everything your family may need to adapt more easily and comfortably to their new life.


    Organizing events has no secrets for us.
    We know the finest places, the best catering services, the top hotels, along with all the small personal touches that can make your event a unique one, one to remember.


    Whether you are in Barcelona temporarily ??or if you are looking for a permanent place to live, we have a wide offer of hotels, houses, and apartments available. Let us guide you in the search of a new home as well as all that is required to move into a new place: refurbishment work, interior design, domestic help services, etc.

    We are also specialized in finding homes in the Costa Brava and the Emporda area. So let us escort you to some of the unique places in the region: hotels, restaurants, stores…


    If your stay in Barcelona is temporary or you are on holiday, ask us about anything you may need: tours, booking leisure and cultural activities, medical care, personal trainers, physical therapists, hairdressers and cosmetics.



    Barcelona is a fashionable city and its shops reflect this: luxury goods, international designers, typical and traditional shops line up beside each other. We can go along with you on your shopping spree or, if you prefer, we can do the shopping for you and take it to you at your home.

    Our staff will also help you find that special gift or that unique store you are looking for.


    From finding a gym, a personal trainer to a hairdresser or a beauty salon, we will help and advise you in everything related to your personal image and cosmetics.


    Cultural consultant services are important not only when visiting or residing in a new city, but also in the business world: dealing with suppliers or customers and entertaining at home when cultures are different may be a challenge. We are there to help you know everything necessary about traditions, customs and protocol.


    Barcelona offers a variety of spare time activities: cultural visits, concerts, and restaurants. We adapt what we know of the city to your recreational needs and hobbies.

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